Enchanted River: The Mysteries Behind the Beauty

Over the years, the famous Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur in the Philippines has remained enchanted. This is because of some mysteries that were left unanswered and unsolved even until now. Aside from that, it has been enchanted because it keeps on captivating people with its beauty that goes beyond words could ever describe.


The wonder of a spring source has always been associated with the Enchanted River. Since the beginning, the presence of a spring as a source of this body has ever been proven and the river has seemed to burst out into its own. Today, it is believed that the river of course has an underground spring as a source but the exact location was not yet found.


Rivers are often classified as fresh water bodies and ironically, the Enchanted River has quite salty water. The question has remained unanswered and if there is, there is no definite answer. It is instead considered as a “freak of nature”. However, some studies consider that the river flows to the Pacific Ocean and its location with the ocean could indicate that the underground springs have contained salt water during high tide. Up to this day, there are still no concrete proofs to every answer presented. This, instead of being a bad thing, has added to the beauty and mystery of the river


Although being such a short river in Surigao, the Enchanted River is primarily well-known for one feature: Deep blue waters. And as blue as the waters in the deeper parts of the sea, this color of the water signals a strange depth the river has and no one has still ever measured it in its actuality. Since no one has ever reached the bottom of the river, no one has ever known its depth until this day.


The nature offers a lot of mysteries and as they say, it is not always necessary to know the truth behind those mysteries. Most of the time, it is the mystery that makes it even more interesting – something that makes it even more attracting and inviting. Nevertheless, this is a gift from nature that’s just strangely and perfectly beautiful.