#DumaGetMe: Feed Your Wanderlust

Approximately five hours from the Queen City of the South and two hours away from the Island of Fire, is the City of Gentle People, Dumaguete City. It is a captivating place where peace and kindness rules. Like any other places, it also has a lot of spots where anyone can spend time on, and above all, it is a well-known access point to many other beautiful places in the Negros Island Region of the Philippine archipelago. The place is just simple, yet the people are genuinely happy and contented in living the simple life. To support that statement, here are two simple places that you can visit when in Dumaguete City.


The Freedom Park

This is a famous place in Dumaguete City, located in the north road fronting the capitol. This is near offices and schools, so during the day, students will mostly be found here enjoying the green grass and the fresh breeze of the air. Events and other school or organization-related activities are also being conducted here. At night, it is a silent place, good for those who want to stay in a silent and calm environment while feeling the night breeze. It has a lot of trees around most probably because all tree-cutting activities must have a permit from the government. Any illegal act of doing such is subject to punishment.



Fronting the sea with a view of the Dumagute seaport, the boulevard is a nice place to visit. During the day time, you can see how the normal lives of the locals go while they do their daily routine. In the evening, food stalls of “balut” and tempura open until the midnight, and there are also night bands to entertain everyone in the place. There are also benches around where people can stay.


These places are as simple as how you might think it would be, but these are witnesses of the everyday life of everyone in Dumaguete: all the happiness, sadness, hardships and success.