Discover the Greener Pastures in Misamis Occidental

From the Northern Mindanao territory of the Philippines bordered by Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur to the west, Lanao del Norte to the south, and Iligan Bay to the east, Misamis Occidental, with pride and honor, proudly gives you its greener pastures and beautiful natural sceneries!


As this may be unfamiliar to some, this article would help you know the place of Misamis Occidental more. Long before, the Japanese Imperial forces occupied the province during World War II. Today, the site is being visited by many because of its fun and fantastic sites. Here are some:


Bucagan Hill: a notable concrete tower bearing four large bells from Germany and overlooking Ozamis City, Lanao del Norte, and Panguil Bay.


Carmelite Monastery: a retreat house at Malaubang overlooking the bay.


Cotta Fort Santiago: a historical port built during the Spanish Era to protect the region from pirates. It also has a miraculous growing image of the Virgin Mary, which has become the object of pilgrims in Northern Mindanao.


Immaculate Conception Cathedral: this is a modern structure and is remarkable for bearing the second longest pipe in the Philippines


Mt. Malindang Country Golf Course: A cadre long before the war, now it is a beautiful golf course with unwinding green grass.


Naomi’s Botanical Garden: created with different species of flora and fauna, this is ideal for venues as conference and meetings.


Osrox Park: this park boasts with its nostalgic antique kiosk


Ambak – Ambak Falls: from a Cebuano word “ambak” meaning “jump”, water on this Ambak – Ambak Falls is seen to jump then fall. Once can have a great view from the stone chairs arranged in a descending manner.


Ciriaco Pastrano Hanging Bridge: a 75 – meter hanging bridge sited 20 feet above the ground. This bridge connects the Barangay Layawan and Taboc Norte overlooking the see and the whole market area of the place.


Oroquieta City Plaza: a place to unwind found in front of the City Hall. This is considered as the Mini Luneta Park of Misamis Occidental.


Sibucal Hot Spring: a natural hot spring at Barangay Sibucal, visited by most tourists in the province.


Hoyohoy Highland Park: known as the little Baguio of Misamis Occidental in Tangub City, this place provides a scenic view of Panguil Bay and the other towns surrounding.