Discover the Beauty of the Philippines through Cagayan Valley

The Pearl of the Orient Seas bears a lot of beautiful things undeniably, and one of it is being able to see its entirety by just being in one region. In the region, two of the Philippine archipelago is the mesmerizing Cagayan Valley with lots of low land in between hills, fresh mountain air bringing cool breeze, blue seas, majestic waterfalls, all – green tropical forests, farms, harmony and unity all in one place. The region is blessed with captivating sceneries for everyone to witness. To give an example, here are fantastic tourist attractions for nature – seeking unwinding souls.


1. Palaui Island – Ranked tenth of the World’s 100 Best Beaches, the raw symmetry of Palaui will surely leave any tourist enchanted by its beauty. It is precisely located in Sta. Ana, Cagayan Valley where 2013 movies entitled Survivor: Blood Versus Water and Survivor: Cagayan were filmed. Additionally, the municipality was branded as the “Untouched Paradise” and “Luzon’s Last Frontier.”


2. Basco Lighthouse – In Naidi Hills, Barangay San Antonio in Basco, Batanes is a 6 – storey building where the alluring Batan Island, Mount Iraya, Sabtang Island, and Itbayat Island can be viewed from its deck. Looking back, the place was a former area where the telegraph facilities allowed communication with the central government. After bombed by the Japanese Imperial Army, the remains of the building were utilized for businesses.


3. Marlboro Hills – Also known as the Racuh Apayaman or Marlboro Country this Marlboro Hills will give you an unforgettable encounter with water buffalos or carabao, horses, and cattle feeding on the same pasture. If your imagination goes with a sunny day, the bright sunlight touching the profuse and delightful grassy field that’s perfect for taking pictures, then go you have perfectly captured the Marlboro Hills.


4. Anguib Beach – A place where the sky and the ocean are blue, but not you! On the eastern section of San Vicente in Santa Ana is another place where the sky meets the sea. The “Boracay of the North” is recognized for its white sand and crystal clear waters, bequeathing enjoyment and complete relaxation.


5. Yaru Nu Artes Ivatan – For an artistic soul within you, the Yaru Gallery and Art Shop – the one and only gallery in Batanes presents excellent paintings, drawings, and photography where everyone can take a look and of course, purchase some of their artworks.


Cagayan Valley is indeed a one – stop for all the adventurers and travelers waiting to see the good view of what’s there to behold in this magnificent country.