Different Abaca Products that We Are Using Everyday

From classification and definition, the abaca plant is closely related to the bananas. It has unique fibrous leaf stalks that were used by the locals since then. It was used because the fiber is remarkably strong, lightweight and resistant even to saltwater. It is growing on tropical countries like the Philippines and is being processed into different products. The products are then exported to different countries. Here are the products that can be made out of abaca.



Abaca fibers were first made into ropes, twines, and cordage by the natives who first lived in the country. Until now, there were still a lot of locals in different areas of the Philippines who are experts in the activity.


Because abaca fibers are lightweight, durable and long, they have later on been transformed into fabrics and were made into clothing, wallpaper, linen, and more.


With fashion, quality, and uniqueness, the fibers of abaca are meticulously woven into fashionable bags that are definitely good for almost all occasions. These products are long-lasting because they are made with careful and thorough processes. After they are manufactured, they are sold at high prices mainly because it has an excellent quality, made out of a unique raw material and are literally handmade.


Commercially made furniture has been a mainstream these days and has contributed largely to pollution and garbage. Products made out of abaca will definitely be your choice because of its creativity and a sense of helping save the environment. No need to worry because the country exports these products in almost all countries, thus, it is available worldwide.


The raw material abaca is indeed a very useful and the best gift we have ever received from nature. It can be transformed into many different products and are definitely not a waste of money, time, and efforts.