Delicious Treats You Can Have from the Summer Capital of the Philippines

The City of Baguio has always been everyone’s travel destination because it is known to have a cold weather and beautiful spots. Known to be the Summer Capital of the Country, the city of Baguio will always have a lot to offer, not only in terms of places to visit and things to experience but also when it comes to some good treats and ‘pasalubong’ once you get back home. Here is a list of some goodness that you can have from the city of Baguio:


1. SUDOT KULANGOT OF BAGUIO: Some Filipinos may hesitate to buy upon hearing the name of the food, but this is actually a popular one like a smaller version of the Calamay packed in small colored shells. It is eaten by using the finger to scoop it, eaten in the same way as a Calamay made of glutinous rice.

2. PINES MADE CHOCO FLAKES: Liked by most tourists in the city of Baguio, these crispy flakes make the best pasalubong treat in the place.

3. UBE CRINKLES: We commonly see the chocolate crinkles sold in bakeries almost anywhere in the country, but these Ube Crinkles from Baguio are one of a kind. Crinkles are soft cookies covered in white sweet powder, sold commonly only in chocolate flavor. This is a favorite of the locals, especially by kids, and is surely a perfect pasalubong treat for those who are waiting for you to be home.

4. PEANUT BRITTLES: This one is for your sweet tooth! Because Filipinos are fond of eating sweets at any time of the day, the creation of peanut brittles has been a boom to the market where it became a Filipino favorite. This is a peanut in caramelized sugar, but not overly sweetened. It can always be found in almost anywhere in the country and even in small stores nearby houses, but this one from Baguio is definitely different from all the others.

5. LENGUA DE GATO: This is a crunchy, milky, and sweet small treats that will sure be loved by many. There are many stores and brands that sell this kind of food, but are all in the same price and taste.