Crafted by Time: Surfing Mecca of the South, Siargao!

Belonging in the easternmost islands in the Philippines traveling 45 minutes from Cebu by plane is an Island that greets you with a good life. Famous for its tourist destinations that have been known since the 1990s, Siargao has a lot to offer to feed your eyes, heart, and soul. With lots of choices to choose from, tourists can pick among many of the island attractions where they can spend their time like in a paradise.


Mapupungko Pool is a tidal pool that is separated from the Pacific Ocean through a reef barrier. If you are looking for a place to unwind, this one can be considered since the pool itself is calm and clear, and gives you a mellow experience in the water. A complete and peaceful water relaxation is offered in the Mapupungko Pool.


Naked Island is named after its physical description as mostly bare, just purely white sand and blue sea all around. This is one of those islands that are scattered around the main island Siargao.


Guyam Island, in contrast with the Naked Island, displays an exuberant bunch of vegetation for tourists. It is sequestered and uninhabited with a sandy beach on one side and a rocky beach on the other side.


Daku Island is a fishing community in Siargao Island which offers huts for all who wants to spend the night. Boats for rent are also available traveling from the port of General Luna.


As what the Philippines has been known for, Siargao also has its share of coral reefs and diving spots for the brave – hearted, adventurous tourists:


Bucas Grande, west of Siargao in the town of Socorro is also known as Sohoton Cove National Park. It is composed of limestone islands; some are still unexplored, bordered by virgin mangrove forests, clear blue waters, and white sand beaches. It is best known for its lagoon rich in stingless jellyfish swimming around like a living lava lamp.


Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa proves that Siargao offers quality accommodations for tourists. This place serves you a restful experience after a long day of surfing. The resort offers amenities in modern architecture. It comes with a gym, bar, and restaurant.


Siargao is best known as a place for surfing and even hold International Surfing Cup during Octobers. It has been branded as surfer’s paradise with huge waves which can be seen from September to May. This is one of the places everyone should surely enjoy and recommend to others.