Corcuera Island the Virgin Island

Why look for far places when you can find one in the Philippines which is incomparable and extraordinary. Welcome to the place which could rival the Island of Boracay, the Corcuera Island or known as the Simara Island. Corcuera is a virgin municipality in Romblon with beautiful white sand beaches. You may think that you’ve been to a thousand of white beaches Island but consider this differently. This Island would bring you to surprising scenery that you may want to put into the blog and share your own insight about it.

Here some scenery you want to consider when visiting the former Simara Island


Cotta Tower – There were some remains of a Spanish Fort constructed by San Agustin de San Pedro to district off the Muslim Pirates.


Grotto – The grotto of the Immaculate Concepcion offers devotees a solemn place to go where they can pray during the Lenten season. This is located at the peak of Mount Anradoon.


Payayasog – If you’re a person you love hiking, then this could be one of the places you would want to visit when in Corcuera Island.


Guin-iwagan Cave – This is a perfect place for you if you haven’t seen stalagmites and stalactites. There is a pool of cool water where you swim and enjoy the scenery.


Lis-ong Cave – A great cave to visit where stalactites and stalagmites deposits.

These are the things you can enjoy in Concuera Island. You can’t just swim and camp, you could also hike, trek and a perfect place to meditate.