City of Bayawan: Agricultural Capital of Negros Oriental

Also known as “Tolong Nuevo” from a long time ago, the City of Bayawan has the largest land area in the Visayas. Though unknown to some, it was crowned as the agricultural capital of Negros Oriental. And to give you a peek of what this place has to offer, here are six awesome things about the place and the people.


Longest Boulevard:

Anywhere in the country, we can find a boulevard in every city. What makes Bayawan so special is that it has the longest boulevard that measure up to 4 kilometers where different street and native foods are sold. The best time to come over is during weekends, where “Paunay,” a weekend bazaar – like activity is open to everyone: fruits, vegetables, meat, and other surplus items are sold at its lowest prices.


Niludhan Falls: The only falls located near the municipality of Mabinay and is being managed by the government of Bayawan. This place offers refreshment for the unwinding souls and adventure to those who are looking for it. Mostly visited by local tourists, this is located 43 kilometers from the city proper of Bayawan.


Tawo-tawo Festival: One popular thing about Bayawan is their joyous celebration of Tawo-tawo festival. Tawo-tawo or known in the English language as the “scarecrow” is being thanked through a festive event for being guardians of the town’s crops. They believe that scarecrows are one of the reasons why Bayawan has successfully become the Agriculture Capital of the province.


Baye-Baye: The finest delicacy of Bayawan has been so inviting for many local and foreign tourists which became one of the reasons why a lot are coming back. This baye – baye is made from young coconut and glutinous rice that gives you the sweetest taste of a province.


Bamboo Bicycle: Haven’t heard of this? You read it right. The people of Bayawan are expert manufacturers of bikes that are made of Philippine bamboos. These innovations became a great contribution to the society as it was made to be cost-effective and ecologically friendly. Today, these products can be seen all over Bayawan and are made available to the public.