Choose Philippines: A Trip to the Wild Side and Finding Your Spirit Animal

Home to the thousands of beautiful flora and fauna is the Philippines, and a lot of them can be seen on the most breathtaking destinations in the country. As per studies, interaction with animals could lower the heart rate, depending on which animal you encounter. But generally, animals give you a feeling of elation and peace. Here are a few of the many sites you could go to, to find your place back to nature.



A known land in the Philippines that attracts many people and is also a supplier of abaca that is exported to Korea, this place also happened to be a leading destination for those who love to dive and snorkel and look for the mysterious and endangered Dugong. Sometimes, friendly sea cows approach the divers without harming them at all.



Though infamous, the most ideal message is actually from a boa. If you believe in this, the best place for this activity is at the Davao Crocodile Park. Not only that, it also offers a huge number of other fun activities with animals as the focus.



Born and grown in captivity, tigers in this place are already used to seeing humans. However, if you are in a small closed space with these animals, they might think you are just another piece of a delicious meat. Isn’t it exciting?




A former farm that once produced spices, this sanctuary was made and built due to the realization that birds need to have a haven of their own, too. Thereafter, the owner caved and transformed his farmland into a home for migratory birds.



Located in Sorsogon, this is a part of the Philippines where the people are distinct from all other places in the country. Here, they have a high respect for the Butandings and consider them to be creatures that need maximum protection. One cannot be able to swim close to them as one would desire, but at least you’ll know that they are all well-taken care of.