Celebrate Happiness with the Little Hong Kong of the South!

As part of the Philippines being a country of Festivals, the city of Pagadian takes its share to help the country prove that it is indeed a happy place. Other than the famous festivals such as the Sinulog in Cebu or the Masskara in Bacolod, there are also many festivals in Pagadian that we should not miss when in the place during a visit.


On the third Sunday of January is a festival of giving thanks as a tribute to Sto Niño or the holy child Jesus, its patron saint. Coming from the Filipino word “pasalamat”, this thanksgiving festival is for all the blessings they have received throughout the year, known as the Pasalamat Festival.


Just like each city that celebrates the day it was founded, the 21st of June is a day for the people of Pagadian to be merry about its founding as a chartered city. This is a big event that is being celebrated for a week, coming with a grandiose anniversary program and full-packed highlighted events; this is the Araw ng Pagadian


The city of Pagadian being a capital city of Zamboanga del Sur is assigned to host the annual anniversary of the province during the 9th month of the year, September. Notable for its agro-trade events and exhibits, cultural presentations, sports events and tournaments and a civic military parade, the Zamboanga Del Sur Anniversary is also a celebration in Pagadian we all should not miss.


Pagadian city following the Chinese calendar has been seriously and dedicatedly celebrating the Chinese New Year, as a tribute to the local Chinese community who once had a significant contribution to the local economy of the place.


And finally, a celebration every 11th to 17th of September is held as a commemoration to the Subanens, Bangsamoro Muslims, and Christians settling in the province. This is a week – long event that remembers the solidarity of the great people of the history. This also showcases the three special cultural heritages through different ways, putting them all into a program or in a form of a contest, giving everyone entertainment and at the same time, valuing the rich past of the place.