Camp Sabros: The Slide for Life

For those who possess an adventurous soul, this one’s for you! Who would have thought that zip line facilities are abundant in and within the reaches of Davao City? As there are six zip line destinations in the place, one thrives on outstanding among all and serves you with the best.


The Camp Sabros, also known as the Slide for Life, can be found 3,980 feet above sea level of Sitio Baras, Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur. It bears two of the recorded Philippine longest zip lines measuring 380 and 400 meters zip line, both 180 meters above the ground. The place was named Sabros as a short combination for “Sacdalan Brothers” who owned the place. To give you an idea of what the place looks like, imagine yourself in a place bounded by the flourishing greenery of tall pine trees across its landscape with a soothing sight of mountain ranges, and a panoramic view of Mount Apo. Because of the place’s high elevation, the weather there is cool all – year round. Who says Summers cannot be cold now?


Because of its famous Slide for Life, it has been a top tourist destination for both local and foreign tourists. A zip line consists of a long stainless steel cable suspended at a certain distance above the ground and increasing to a steep inclination to push by gravity towards the other end of the line. The rider then is completely geared protectively. And when ready, off you go and feel the moment of flying high! The ride usually takes 30 seconds for a solo ride and 50 seconds for pairs. You can enjoy and avail of these offers at Camp Sabros from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.


Other amenities are also available in the place such as hiking trails, picnic tables, billiard hall, bar, souvenir shop, and a mini convenience store. The place is planned to efficiently supply the needs as it may be far from outside stores. Bringing food and drinks is allowed; there are no corkage fees.


Since it has a “bed weather” mood because of its low temperature, jackets and sweaters are a must as well as rubber shoes. Electricity and signal from whatever phone network are also available. The place is good for relaxing after a week of a tiring work, or maybe just by taking a break from school. Indeed, wherever you go in the Philippines, there will always be a place where you could find a home.