Caldereta: A Taste of the Filipino Home

Mostly can be seen in the Philippines are dishes that are paired with rice. The Filipinos are “rice people” mainly because it is one of the country’s produce. These dishes are made to be perfectly delicious, just right for the Filipino taste buds. What’s good about these dishes is that they are easy to prepare, the ingredients are not that expensive and hard to find, yet they promise an excellent taste. This can be one reason why people from all over the world are so much interested in learning to cook Filipino foods.


One recipe that is most adored by many is the Caldereta. This is a goat stew, but some would find it good to use pork. And there is no problem with that. The thing why there are so many versions of this dish is that different main ingredients are chosen by many. Caldereta got its name from the Spanish word “caldera” meaning cauldron because it is being cooked in a cauldron. Ever wondered why it was based on a Spanish word? The dish is mainly an adaptation of a Spanish dish of the same name.


The main ingredients of this dish are your pork or goat stew, potatoes, carrots and green bell pepper. Other ingredients you will need are spices such as garlic and onion, coconut milk, tomato paste, black ground pepper, water, soy sauce, salt, and sugar. And all these make up the perfect combination in creating your Caldereta!


Caldereta is indeed a must-try dish in the Philippines. This tomato based meat is usually seen served on Filipino buffets anywhere in the Philippines mainly because it is a favorite. It can actually be cooked by anyone and has almost the same cooking process with all other Filipino favorite dishes. Because the country is blessed with so many resources, the creative minds of the Filipinos. Not only that, this dish is humbly served by the people in the event of having a guest, especially those that are from far. A Filipino heart desires of sharing the experience of having the food to others, to their guests.