Buwakan ni Alejandra: Another Attention-Grabber in Gaas, Balamban

Undeniably, nature has its own way of getting the eye of many, more than man-made structures do. Situated at about 32 kilometers from the Queen City of the South, more than 200 species of local blooms can be found. Now a famous tourist attraction, this place gives a bloomy feeling and a happy place where everyone can come to relieve stress. The Buwakan ni Alejandra is a place that totally reminds us that life beautiful, colorful and something to be enjoyed.
How did it become possible? The husband of the land owner and at the same time the chairperson of the committee in tourism was the one who landscaped the whole area. According to some interview with him he used to plant every flower in his garden that he sees attractive and grow them properly with all care and love required. The garden was just launched about four months ago, but the plans in making it possible was made about a year ago. One of their objectives in putting up this tourist destination is to showcase the beauty of local flowers because it has recently been overshadowed by the one we import from other countries.
The Buwakan ni Alejandra was named after the owner’s mother-in-law, Alejandra to whom he had got the interest of growing different and variant flowers. According to Gentapa, the owner, the only key in achieving the Buwakan was to love the plants. He said, “If you love your plants, they will grow faster.” Additionally, for him, it is always best that the owners would manage the garden and not helpers or any employee so that it could properly be taken care of. Through this, they could help promote ecotourism and provide a sustainable livelihood for everyone in the community.
To maintain the place, some rules must be observed upon entering the garden. This includes attending an orientation, no smoking within the premises, picking of flowers is strictly prohibited, and visitors are only allowed in a specific trail to walk, not anywhere especially on the site where the flowers are planted.