Buglasan Festival: Witness the Smiles of Negros Oriental

Festivals are abundant in the Philippines, and everywhere you go, people would always ask you to come back on a specific month to join them for a celebration. The people of Negros Oriental have always been looking forward to the fun and highlights of the festival of festivals of the province, the Buglasan Festival.


Looking back, the Buglasan Festival was founded when all municipalities, towns, and cities of the province united and decided to become one happy Negrense family. The term “Buglasan” was from the old records showing that the map of Negros reflected “Buglas Insulis” as the name of the Island.


Today, the Buglasan festival shows not only the unity of the municipalities but also showcases different culture and traditions of the divisions. Through this week – long celebration, different activities can be witnessed and enjoyed by many. To start the list, we have a show down competitions, street dance competitions, and firework display competition. Following are the night events such as the nightly cultural shows, food festival, and trade fairs.


Dumaguete being the capitol of the province hosts the event annually in October. The competitions are traditionally being held at its largest event hall: the Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Complex. Street dances are just through the streets and bazaar, food fair, and trade fair are sited at the Freedom Park where live bands and other concerts are conducted every night.


We Filipinos all love witnessing pageants – that is why almost all events around the country include a search for a queen or a king for the place. The province of Negros Oriental carries out a search of its new Buglasan King and Queen and Miss Negros Oriental. As we all expect, these are some of the highlights of the Buglasan Festival.


Yearly, the people of Negros Oriental unite and celebrate a year of togetherness, abundance, and happiness. The event itself portrays the qualities of a true Filipino, and that made it worth attending for. No wonder, Dumaguete was crowned to be the City of Gentle People because they are governed and surrounded with good traits one must carry: unity, happiness, and prudence. Witness the smiles of Negros Oriental, witness the smiles of the Philippines!