Breath-taking “Dahilayan” Venture

Seeking for adventure and possibly the greatest adventure in your life? Want to fill the thrill? Thinking of what to add to your adventure bucket list? This is one of the best adventures you would ever want to experience. Longest zip line. Yes, longest zip line in Asia, right here in the Philippines and right here in Mindanao. Riding a zip line may not a ring to an ear but take it differently for this is the longest zip line.


This longest zip line can be found in Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipzone in Bukidnon. It has 840 meters in length and it’s a dual zip line and has a speed of 90kph. You can enjoy the above scenery with your loved one and enjoy the attractions, the greenery scenery, and breath-taking views. The Dahilayan dual zip line is guaranteed safe and fun with any age. Zipline has been one of the most visited spots for kids and adult.


Dahilayan has also another breath-taking activity you don’t want to miss, the Dropzone. It is a 120 ft free fall into the manmade lake.  Jump to within feet of the water surface would make you feel the adrenaline and heart pounding. The Philippines first extreme and extraordinary swing of its kind.


Surely it would be very tiring to experience all the astonishing rides In Dahilayan that you would need to take a rest. They also offer a very relaxing hotel, The Pinegrove hotel with an affordable price and if registered will have a 20% is all Dahilayan Adventure Park rides. You can relax, have a little “me time” and pamper yourself. Enjoy the Dahilayan Venture!