Bravo Pilipinas: Philippine Achievements to World Record

Two Philippine tourist spots made it to the list of the prestigious “Top 100 Sustainable Destinations” in the world; one is Bojo, Aloguinsan in Cebu and Lake Sebu in South Cotabato.


According to the Sustainable Destination Top 100 websites, “The awards celebrate the efforts of tourism destination’s responsible and sustainable tourism initiatives” which means that the spots awarded are the ones that were able to sustain and maintain the beauty of the area and is responsible for performing tourism initiatives.


60 Tourism Sustainability Experts, which are chosen properly, were assigned to trim down over 150 nominations all over the world, wherein every nomination is a beautiful and remarkable eco-tourism spot, making the list more prestigious and grandeur.


Also known as the Jewel of Southern Cotabato, Lake Sebu is a municipality in Mindanao in Southern Philippines that holds several stunning, natural and edifying attractions. One of the attractions of the place is the Placid Lake which is also known as “Lake Sedu”, Lake Sedu is praised as one of the main eco-tourism destinations in the Philippines. The lake is surrounded by Ubo tribes and native shelters of T’boli which is being recognized as an ancestral domain by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The lake has been taken cared by not just the eco-tourism experts but also by the natives living alongside the river because the river has been one of their sources of living as they dwell in their daily lives.


In the western part of Cebu is a town that offers and shows its tourists a chance to being able to take part in a sustainable eco-tourism campaign. In Aloguinsan, one could find and experience an exciting and exquisite experience of joining a cruise in Bojo River which shows a wide view that opens up to the sea. From here, caretakers and strict in allowing only the use of paddles for boats to avoid the spilling of gasoline, gasoline crude oil into its water when using motor boats. For it may contaminate the water and the resources with it and later on would ruin the tourist spot.