Boracay PubCrawl: From Strangers to Friends

Have you ever heard of the Boracay PubCrawl? When it comes to drinking beverages, Filipinos aren’t ignorant. Specifically for adults, all have been well-introduced in alcoholic drinks since these products are being consumed even before the pre-colonial times. Commonly, drinking alcohol has been a past-time for those who chose to unwind after a long day of hard work.


But a “pub crawl” might sound new to some. As per Merriam – Webster dictionary, a pub crawl is a round of visits to a number of different bars in succession. It could also be, from Cambridge dictionary, a visit to several pubs, that’s taken one after another, having a drink or drinks at each one.


Finding commonalities among the two definitions, this is basically a visit to multiple pubs and drinking in an uncommon way. Not familiar with an average Filipino, it can be considered as a part of the western invasion. But as open-minded and somewhat westernized as all Filipinos are, it is not a surprise that western practices and activities have come to be part of our culture.


Founded by a European, the Boracay PubCrawl is exactly the same as what can be found outside the country, just that, this has been incorporated in business. This famous activity in Boracay now goes with the “turn strangers into good friends” tagline as everyone moves from one pub to another, enjoying the wild night with drinks, and meet new people in each place. These are all done purely for fun.


It is started by a registration. After being registered, one will be given of a yellow PubCrawl shirt and a scissor. The scissors will be used as a tool to express individuality by creating alterations on the shirt. Aside from that, a yellow baller, a chord that can be hung around the neck and a shot glass will also be given. Five shots of alcoholic drinks will then be set for you in each bar you visit.


What made this activity really fun are the people, who feely indulged in the event with the mood of having fun while going really crazy and free.