Bicol Region: Coconut Cream and Spices at Best Use

Located on the Southeastern part of Luzon in the Philippines, the region of Bicol is not only known for the famous perfectly coned Mayon Volcano, but also for its delicious food and delicacies that everyone would surely enjoy. The locals are fond of eating spicy foods made from coconut cream. Through time, this has been alluring not only in the region but also in the whole Philippines. For your hot and spicy cravings when travelling to Bicol region, here are a few of the many foods you should try:


KINUNOT: A spicy appetizer made of either sting ray meat or shark meat, this is one of the favorites of the Bicolanos cooked with coconut cream and moringa leaves, locally known as “malunggay”. Today, Kinunot is commonly prepared using Sting Ray because catching sharks is already prohibited.


LAING or PINANGAT: A Bicolano recipe for vegetarians, this is made of local taro or “gabi” leaves simmered in coconut cream and is usually served with chili pepper. Since taro plants are near most houses in Bicol, this dish has been very common in the region.


BICOL EXPRESS: A specialty which got its name from a passenger train from Manila to Bicol, it was named Bicol Express because eating this spicy dish will make you look for a water to drink in as fast as a train would do. It is made of pork cooked in coconut milk with lots of spices mainly red hot chili. Be ready for the sweat that will be rushing through your heads once you taste this Bicol specialty.


GINATAANG LABONG: Labong meaning a bamboo shoot that is found available in any Philippine market especially during rainy season, this is cooked into a popular dish that also uses coconut cream and spices. Fresh shrimps can also be added, and a hot fiery chili pepper making it a distinct Bicolano recipe.


If you ever happen to visit in the Bicol region, be sure to enjoy not only the good places and the good people it has but also the delicious and nutritious food that will surely leave you wanting for more.