Best Places to Cool Down during Summer in the Philippines

Summer has come and surely, the Philippine heat is already sticking to everyone’s skin. Because the Philippines is a tropical country, some may think that it cannot offer relief from the high temperatures.

Good thing that there are several places around the country which are naturally in low temperature. If you want a cool environment despite the hot season, here are some places that are definitely worth going.



Known to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines, the list of coldest places in the country would not be complete without this. Its temperature can be as low as seven degrees Celsius, sure enough, to cool you down. Additionally, there are also a lot of tourist spots here so you won’t be having a dull moment during the vacation.



Known to be the Shipbuilding Capital of the Philippines, Balamban has more to offer than just shipyards. Bordered by mountain ranges, this place experiences cold weather. You can visit its mountainside resorts, Adventure Café, the Mt. Manunggal, and others.



This place is a good place to start if you want to see the popular Rice Terraces. Though it is not directly accessible by road, it is all worth it. Once you arrive at the village, you can then enjoy the beautiful view of the Rice Terraces and have some rare Ifugao souvenirs such as woven products, sweet potatoes, handmade knives, and many more.



Located 168 kilometers north of Dumaguete, this is where Mt. Canlaon can be found, the highest peak in Negros Island. It is often visited both by casual and professional mountaineers from nearby cities and municipalities. Aside from that, the place also has a lot of waterfalls where you can immerse yourself at any of them.



Located in Visayas just 46.8 kilometers East of Bacolod, this is a place where the temperature can be as low as 16 degrees Celsius. It was crowned s the Little Baguio of Negros Occidental with abundant pine trees and a cool and relaxing environment.



Located at the northernmost part of the Philippines, this place is unique for having four seasons instead of two. It is also rich in natural wonders such as caves, cliffs, beaches, and many more. The island is coldest on months between November and March so if you’re planning on visiting the place within these days, be sure to secure thick, comfortable clothes with you.