Beat the Summer Heat While On-the-Go

Although summer is the time of beaches, outdoor fun, and the sunshine, it could also be the time of stifling heat and sunburns. Since some of us are On-the-Go this summer, it could be a burden to always put up with the heat as we go to places and travel.


hand painted fan

Here are our three smart and simple tips to help you counter the heat:


Dress cool

Whatever you’re doing, you’ll be more comfortable if you’re wearing dresses or clothes that keep you cool. Your clothes have a significant role in how you would feel for the rest of the day, so have a moment to think about your outfit before you step out the house.


pink hand painted fan


A good summer outfit:

•   Fabrics made of linen, cotton, or artificial fabrics that wick the sweat

• Light colored clothes like the colors white and light blue as the bright colors absorb less heat compared to dark ones.

•   Loose-fitting clothes to allow air to flow.


Always hydrate

Your water intake this summer needs a particular attention to stay hydrated. Having plenty to drink when out in the sun will make you feel cooler. If you can, always bring water with you on a tumbler or any container, so you always have something to drink. During summer, sweet and refreshing drinks are everywhere too; surely there will be fresh buko juice or fruit shakes you can grab. However, make sure to drink more water.


Carry a fan

Traveling in a public transport can sometimes be super uncomfortable and inconvenient since you have to worry about the crowd and the heat. If you know that you have to put up with this situation every time, aside from bringing a bottle of water with you; why not also bring a fan so that you will have a breeze of air everywhere especially in crowded places. While there are little fans you can connect to your phone via USB, it is always a smart idea to carry a traditional fan since you wouldn’t know when your phone battery is going to die.


Summer is surely going to be hot, but why would you worry when you can do these three simple tips?