Bayanihan: The Beauty of the Filipino People

Bayanihan is the most valued culture of the Filipino people. It simply means giving a hand to the community and accomplishing goals together as one. Another term for Bayanihan is community spirit.


In the old times, Bayanihan is clearly showcased when people in a particular ‘barangay’ gather and work together to move the traditional house called ‘Bahay Kubo.’ Bahay Kubo is a traditional house of the Filipino people which can be carried to a new place. To do that, the owner of the Kubo will ask people from the community to do Bayanihan to carry the Kubo on their shoulders. As a return of favor, the owner will prepare a humble feast for everyone. It is clearly a tradition that is worth keeping even in these modern times.



However, due to change in the environment and the constant pursuit of convenience. Today, you rarely find a Bahay Kubo, unlike the old days. Houses are now concrete and steady thus; the old Bayanihan is mostly inapplicable. Nevertheless, the spirit of Bayanihan is still very present in the tradition and custom of the Filipino people.


The Philippines is known for its typhoon devastations many times a year, and this has been a great part of every Filipino’s struggle. But in these times also when Filipinos all over the world light up the spirit of Bayanihan. Filipinos give and do anything they can to help out those countrymen in devastations.


Although a lot are saying that this valuable trait is slowly vanishing, there are still more Filipinos who are very positive that they will be able to make this character as strong as it was before again. Now, that the Philippines is slowly but surely climbing the ladder, they also climb to make the country great again, and Bayanihan will undoubtedly play a significant role to do that. Thus, Bayanihan is a trait worth keeping.