Barbecue Street Foods: Only in the Philippines!

Eating is one thing that Filipinos love to do. The creation and recreation of Filipino foods has been so undying that in every corner of the country abundant dishes and exotic foods are found. Here in the Philippines, all Filipinos know of one definitely delicious food that has been the country’s favorite. There are many terms of these, but commonly known as Barbecue.


Also known as a street food by many, this is usually found beside busy streets where people would flock and buy to eat some. Almost any type of meat can be used to cook the barbecue, but in the Philippines, this can only mean a piece of pork or chicken meat grilled on stick. Between the two, pork barbecue is the most common available everywhere, where they are marinated and grilled well. While the chicken barbecue on the other hand, costs higher than the former, but is also larger. Other than the two, here are some parts of pork and chicken that are grilled and sold by street vendors:


1.       Taba ng baboy: A grilled pork fat that’s entirely delicious and usually costs five pesos per stick.


2.       Tainga ng baboy: Pig ears that are prepared the same way as a barbecue, but are rare to most vendors. Because of that, they are somehow expensive compared to the pork barbecue.


3.       Isaw: A chicken intestine that are placed in a folding manner through a stick. This is a famous street food in the Philippines, but some people would not prefer to eat them because of the thought that undigested animal food may still be present in these parts.


4.       Adidas: Basically a cleaned chicken feet, grilled and sold in a very low price.


5.       Betamax: As weird as this may seem, but Betamax is something you cannot imagine. This is a grilled pork or chicken blood that were solidified and sold at a much lower price than the rest of the barbecue varieties.


Because the Filipinos did not find it good to waste any part of any animal, they have invented these delicious foods and presented them in a delicious and affordable way. It may seem weird at first, but the first bite makes you want more of these. It is more fun in the Philippines; it is more “yum” in the Philippines!!!