Anklets: Which is perfect for you?

Many jewelry stores right now both physical and online stores, carry along with their brand different types of anklets which prices depend on the material used. Recently, anklets revived its way to fashion. Now, a lot of women are wearing anklets for extra style and class.


Here are the different types of anklets and know which one is perfect for you!


Anklets made of Silver

Anklets made of silver are more casual with a style of bohemian spirit. These anklets fit perfectly for young ladies. Summer is almost here, and silver anklets are a perfect pair of summer sandals and slippers. It is also nice on high-heeled or flat sandals.


 Anklets made of Golden

While the silver anklets are perfect for the young ladies, the golden anklets are for the mature women. Anything with a touch of gold symbolizes luxury the same for precious stones and gems. Wearing a golden anklet is best for special occasions and getaways with any pumps.


Anklets with Beads

Some anklets have multi-colored beads, and others are monochromatic which both gives a Bohemian feel. The beaded anklets are perfect with beachy flip-flops or any sandals. So, if you are plotting to head to the beach this summer, you might want to have a beaded anklet to pair your favorite sandals or flip-flops.


Charmed Anklets

The anklets with charm are more of a personalized type. You can choose what charm you would like your anklet to have such as your initials, heart, music or star one. This kind of anklet is more popular to the young ones since they are more into stuff that is personalized or charms.


Anklets called Barefoot

The Indian women popularized this type of anklet. It is an anklet with a bracelet put on the ankle which stretches to the bridge of the foot and connects to a ring in a toe. That is why it is called barefoot anklet because it looks like a sandal without the sole, thus barefoot. This is perfect for a walk to the beach.