An Effective Guide on How to Deal with Typhoon in the Philippines

The best time to visit the Philippines is during the ‘-ber’ months. Filipinos not only celebrate Christmas the longest but also celebrate them with a lot of gimmicks. You’ll understand this more if you pass by any Filipino home during this season. However, these ‘-ber’ months are also typhoon months. Even though it has been said that weather disturbances only hit once in a blue moon, for a country like the Philippines with an average of 20 typhoons per year, it is always a good choice to be prepared for the worst. Here is how:



The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration, also known as PAG ASA, is the most reliable source and makes the official statements and announcements for coming typhoons and the Philippine weather and climate. They have official accounts on the social networking sites, so connecting with them is just easy.



As soon as there is a typhoon, a flood will surely follow. After you learn that a storm signal will be raised in your area, quickly head on to the nearest store as early as possible and buy non-cooked instant meals, first aid necessities, flashlights, and candles in case of a power outage. This will help you get through. Also, when you buy, assure supplies that are good for a week. Power outages usually last for four days, more or less.



You might easily panic when you are on the road as you could be struck off the floodwaters around you. The key here is to never panic. Do your best to stay calm, evaluate the situation, and think whether to drive from there or not.



When a typhoon causes destruction in your area, never go outside. Pretty sure, you wouldn’t want to be there, too. Get back home as soon as possible, and tell everyone in the family to do the same. Keep your doors closed and prepare the things that you surely would need. If the power goes out, be calm still. Contact the nearest security personnel, ask for the storm signal, estimated time for the power to be back, etc. this is one way of being updated and feel more secure.



This may sound weird, but do your best to keep your spirits up while waiting for the storm to pass. If one would feel worried and scared, play little games with them or do things that would divert their attention.