All – Time Top 5 Destinations in Samal Island

Who says beaches are just for summers? As beaches are calm and peaceful, these are great ideas in times when you want to get away from the challenging life of the urban and soak yourself in a relaxing and smooth atmosphere. If there is no problem with that, the next question goes to ‘where would that place be?’ In an island just near the outer reaches of Davao City is the Island Garden City of Samal to offer you different beaches that you might want to enjoy anytime.


Isla Reta Beach, Talicud Island: If you desire to have a soothing overnight stay by the beach, Isla Reta could be on your list. During daytime, the white sand beach and clear waters invite everyone to wet themselves and enjoy the view.


Babu Santa and Dayang Beach Talicud Island: Known as one of the tropical havens in Samal Island, these are extraordinarily ideal for those who just want to experience the finest beauty of nature. By not commercializing the resort, it has been safeguarded and preserved with its natural beauty. It comes with just plain pristine waters and scenic landscapes purely for enjoyment.


Secdea Beach Resort: Presently, this beach resort is dubbed as the fastest – rising and attention – drawing resorts in Samal. It shows off its charming beach ambiance, high-class cottages, and beautifully designed furniture. Also, available here is a modern infinity pool with a mesmerizing overlooking view of the ocean.


Canibad Beach: Even though this beach is one of the most undeveloped, yet it is the most naturally beautiful among all resorts in Samal. It has been highly thought of because of its laid – back and isolated atmosphere and gives you the experience of spending the night inside a tent.


Maxima Aqua Fun: Are you looking for an extreme adventure by the beach? This is an ideal place to explore. Maxima promotes several activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and kayaking. Another part of this place to give you an adrenaline rush is their famous canopy walk and gigantic slides leading to the deep waters.


With these top places to go, you will surely come home with a soul filled with calmness brought by the waves and peace as the wind on the beach. Nothing is ever far in the heart of a wanderer.