A Walk To Mindoro

Summer is not yet over so let’s add more list to our bucket list. A cool island between Luzon and Palawan is Mindoro. An Island where hikers, adventurers, divers, climbers and beach bum wants to explore. Your vacation may never be extravagant without visiting these places.


Let’s start wandering in Mindoro:


1. Bikini Floating Bar – What’s better in being a bar next to the water. It may sound surprising but yes, it does exist. This floating houseboat has into a tourist’s dream bar. You get there for free by hopping on a small dingy. The driver will sail you to your unexpected haven while you can sit on your chair, relax, enjoy the scenery and let the waves gently rock the boat side to side.


2. Tukuran Hanging Bridge – Tukuran Hanging Bridge may sound a bit scary for some people but to others, they consider this as challenge for it takes courage to cross this hanging bridge. Each step will keep for heart pounding for the bridge will give you a little sway back and forth especially of other explorers are crossing at the same time. But don’t be discourage, have your own technique and cross the bridge.


3. Tamaraw Waterfalls – This splendid falls can be found in the Barangay Villaflor. It is near the city of San Teodor of Mindoro. You can picture this waterfall perfectly as how you hope waterfalls would look like.


4. Talipanan Beach – Of course, each explorer would want to visit some beaches in every city. Don’t miss one in Mindoro and visit the Talipanan beach. A flawless sandy beach with a very clear and turquoise water. This beach is much calmer than others for it only has an ample space without much entertainment like bars and you can really enjoy this place especially if meditation is your thing. This is a perfect place to bond with your family.

Stick around with the place and you will be rewarded with unforgettable memories with extraordinary experiences. Enjoy the place and hop on now!