A Trip To Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental

Wondering where to go on your next adventure?  If you are looking for a refreshing adventure without bumping into a sea of selfie sticks and the annoying crowd, then have a trip to Guihulngan City. Guihulngan is a city located in the northern parts of Negros Oriental.


The City boasts a great number of tourist spots to visit, with a lot of waterfalls to have a selfie with but on top of all these picturesque spots are actually Hinakpan Chocolate hills and the newly discovered Kansalakan Enchanted River.



Hinakpan hills or Hinakpan Chocolate Hills has a similar landscape with the world famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Hinakpan Hills are composed of limestone with 237 hills scattered around the village with varying shape and sizes.  When entering Barangay Hinakpan in Guihulngan City, a sight of uniquely shaped hills greets each traveler and visitor. Some hills come with distinct formations, there are hills shaped like a perfect cone, some are tower-shaped, and some have an asymmetric curve.



Between Barangay Balugo and Barangay Banuague in Guihulngan City sits the majestic Kansalakan River. This river attracts tourists with its crystal clear river pool, natural shape and design having 30 feet at its deepest part.  Kansalakan River is known as a mysterious and enchanted river to the local folks. Through the years, the local people believe that the river abducts lost travelers and invite the person to jump into the river and drown, to become one of the unseen watchful guards of this majestic place.