A Trek To Tarak Ridge In Bataan

The city of Bataan is a peninsula with shores kissed by the West Philippine Sea.  This Island offers a variety of adventures and picturesque views. But if you are looking for an adventure that involves the sea and the hills, surely you would love to trek the famous Tarak Ridge that Bataan is proud of.


The Tarak Ridge is known for its steep slopes, rocky terrain, and jagged rocks with a level of difficulty 4 out of 9. Its moderate to hard difficulty continues to attract foreign mountaineers every year. It is one moderately challenging hike through dense grasslands and steep trails with a very rewarding sight when you reach the peak. This mountain in Mariviles, Bataan is standing 1,130 meters high above sea level that offers a scenic view of the city and its neighboring islands. The hike would usually take two days before reaching its peak. And once the hike is up, you can stay at the Westwind Beach Resort in Bataan.


How to get there?

From Manila, you can secure a rental car with a driver for private transportation or ride a bus going to Bataan which is the public way to transport and obviously the cheaper way. Once you have reached the city of Bataan, the jump-off point would be Barangay Alas-asin in Mariviles which is 2-3 hours away from Manila by land travel. Tarak Ridge is a part of the Mariviles Range that offers several peaks and areas you can trek for a long adventure.