A Travel Guide to Calayan Island

In the Northern part of the Philippines and part of the Babuyan Group of Island, the adventure to Calayan Island is a perfect place for adventurous and not a sightseer type of a person. You would enjoy the all-in-one place must-see destinations.


Destinations you should not miss!


Bangaan Hills – You would be able to see the unending horizon which is Instagram-worth. You can have a short trekking and will be accompanied by one of the accommodating tour guides. You would also see a free-range goats racing on the hills, feeling the breath of the sea breeze and experiencing the beautifully made vast blue ocean. A loving way to end your first day of the tour in the Island.


Malansing Falls and Cave – You would find in Calayan, Cagayan a two destination in one spot view. A waterfalls flowing on the mouth of the cave where the fresh and seawater meet. You can also enjoy the jumpy boat ride and pass through the monstrous wave before getting to the Malansing Falls and Cave.


Tapwakan Cliff – Another spotless site where you can enjoy and do the cliff jumping. This is a kind of paradise where you can experience jumping in a refreshing turquoise and unspoiled water. One of the cliff you would hardly forget.


These are some of the destinations you must experience, so hurry now! There is no need to keep yourself waiting for the best part of visiting the place. Explore the place as much as you want, enjoy the unspoiled water and challenge the waves. Staying for more than one day will make it worthwhile.