A Paradise Within A Paradise: WOW Batangas, WOW Philippines!

Located southwestern of Luzon in the Philippines bearing 31 municipalities and three cities, sites the city of Batangas. If you are looking for beaches to go by this summer season, but going away with the mainstream, this is the perfect place for you. Since the towns are surrounded by water, Batangas is popular for its beaches and marine life.


The residents of Batangas are termed Batangueños and use Tagalog as their dialect. English as well is understood and spoken by the natives.


To get there is just a 2 to 3 hours’ drive from Manila. Thus, making it a tourist’s favorite getaway destination. Here, you’ll get a chance of traveling to different attractive beaches and do various activities such as playing golf, go diving, wake boarding, wind surfing and jet skiing. You can also explore caves along the shores.


If you are an old – soul searcher traveling in Batangas, things to see about the historical background of the province are also at hand. To have a peak at the Basilicas and Old Spanish Houses which have Pre-Spanish Times architecture, you need to drop by the towns of Taal, Mabini, Lipa City and Batangas City.


Batangueños are affectionate and ecstatic people. The place has a lot of festivities for the year round. Parada ng Lechon or Roasted Pig Parade in Balayan is a merrymaking one must see and experience. Tapusan is a religious festival where the young ones in their teens were in their best outfit for a street procession.


Also considered as the trading point of the Calabarzon Region, Batangas port has a passenger terminal to different islands in the Philippines. Hence, making it, the halfway point through the different key cities of the Philippines.


The place is known for some of its riches that have been popular all over the archipelago. The famous Star for all Seasons, Vilma Santos, is a proud Batangueña; one of the province’s trademarks is the Loming Batangas, a delicious Pinoy food perfect for any time of the day; the Cattle Trading capital of the Philippines, Padre Garcia; Taal Volcano; and Lambanog, a “poor man’s drink” which is a prime product of San Juan.


The city offers countless beach resorts for you to choose, as wells as lots of hotels and vacation houses around for tourists. You can get to choose based on you own standards, excitement, and pleasure as everything is made available at any time.


Adventures and sight await at the door. Leave no stone unturned in the astonishing way of life. So if you are heading to the Philippines, don’t forget to take a trip to Batangas.