A Money’s Worth Stroll in Tagaytay

Those who want to unwind, seize every moment, make and collect memories, this might be the best spot for you. Let’s explore and wander in the City of Tagaytay. You will a have a long list to do to have fun. Let’s take it slow and get started.


Balay na Dako – Balay na Dako mean Big House can be found and is mostly visited in Tagaytay. A family house is also built around the large central home. This Balay na Dako became a gathering place for special events. Families would love to have this place for gathering and commemorating life’s significant events such as wedding, baptism and anniversaries. Balay na Dako is a great and extraordinary restaurant that serves Filipino dishes. Balay na Dako celebrates every Filipino’s way of celebrating with every cuisine that is served.


Puzzle Mansion – Every tourist and visitor would love to visit in the Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay which has a large collection of a jigsaw puzzle and recognized as the biggest in the world according to Guinness.


Picnic Grove – Once you visit the Tagaytay, do not miss the chance to experience relaxing on this marvelous and panoramic view of the Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. This place is perfect for picnic lover couple or family with built-in cottages, greenish and hilly surrounding. There are also some activities that you can enjoy horseback riding, cable car, Eco-trail and zip line. You can enjoy the scenery and activities at affordable prices.

What are you waiting for? Include the Tagaytay Venture and visit the attractive places in Tagaytay. Have fun and enjoy!