A Look Back: Childhood Memories of the 90’s Kids

Stop for a while and take a trip down the memory lane of yesterday’s childhood experiences. Because the Filipinos are known to be resourceful and creative, the little children have also adapted this trait and were able to apply it even for their outdoor happiness. To give you a peak of how simple and creative childhood happiness is way back decades ago, here are a few of the many Pinoy games everyone used to enjoy:



This is played with two teams and two bases where each team claims a base of their own. The objective of the game is to tag the other team’s base without getting tagged first or in return. Once a player is tagged by the opponent’s team, he or she will then be transferred to that team and must be rescued. Game rules vary from place to place, but the concepts are all the same.



Also known as sun and shade, this is a game by kids that uses only sunlight. The objective of the game is to tag players that are in direct contact with the light.



This is a role – playing game by the children where each act as a member of one family: a mother, a father and the kids. They then portray various situations such as a family dinner, the coming of a visitor, going to mass, and etc.



This is a game that involves a chant and 4 players. They are divided into two pairs, having each pair facing one another but both pairs facing at the center. Each then performs the hand clapping routine as they sing the “Bahay Kubo” song and exchanging pairs after each routine.



This is a game where a circle is drawn on the ground which they call as ‘buwan’. One person, the “taya” is not allowed to go inside the circle, but instead, has to at least touch anyone inside it using only his or her hand while outside the circle. The person touched becomes the next one tagged, who will then replace him outside the circle.