A Guide to a Successful Shopping in Greenhills

When it comes to bargaining shopping options, the Philippines has a lot of them: the famous Divisoria, Baclaran, and Greenhills.


Greenhills Shopping Center or simply known as Greenhills, has been a common and preferred destination by shoppers since 1996. From grocery items to fashionable clothes and latest gadgets, this shopping store has it all! Here are a few points to remember for you not to miss the bests of Greenhills.


1. Be there as soon as possible. Because places like this in the Philippines are always crowded, it is best to be there as early as 9:30 AM and wait for the store to open at 10 or else you’ll miss out the good things that a savvy shopper might get before you arrive.


2. Come with comfortable clothes and comfortable footwear. Greenhills offers more than a lot of walking since it is a 16-hectares land area filled with over 2,000 stores. Therefore, it is better to wear your flattest shoes and wear clothes that are fit for hot weather.


3. Explore and explore more. If you refuse to explore all the stores in Greenhills and just picking at the first stores you see instead, you’ll definitely defeat the purpose of going there. Stores that are closer to the entrance doors have more expensive items than the rest. So if you want to maximize your budget, go and explore! To make your exploration a bit easier:


  • Have a quick scan of the items at the aisles. If two or more of them look just similar to each other, you can just skip them.
  • Have a quick scan on stores to see if they offer the item you are looking for.
  • Take a break from long walks. Take time to sit down and eat whenever you pass by a food stall because you’ll need a lot of energy for the day.


4. Always be safe. Crowded places anywhere in the Philippines would definitely attract nasty characters. Therefore, it is important to keep your valuables guarded, be vigilant and walk as fast as you can.