5 Uniquely Pinoy Products that Conquered the World

Filipinos are creative and innovative in nature. Many of our “kababayans” have brought pride to our country because of their artistry. “World Class Pinoy,” as others says. Filipinos somehow stand out to many aspects of life may it be in art, music, crafts, fashion and not to mention pageants and much more. No wonder, we get the attention of the world.


Today, let us delve into some of the uniquely Pinoy products that made it to the global market and brought pride to our beloved country, Philippines!


1. The Voyager Bed

The Voyager Bed is credited to its designer – Kenneth Cobonpue, Cebu-based furniture. This Voyager Bed literally took Kenneth to a voyage to different grand showrooms of the world. His inventive use of local and native materials and profound skill in finding motivation anywhere set the Philippine furniture on the world map. Word Class indeed that even the Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt got his attention and eventually bought The Voyager Bed. Who would have thought that a locally designed and made bed is where Brad and Angelina used to sleep on? (This is sad, still hoping they will sleep together in the Voyager again)


2. San Miguel Beer

If Singapore has the Tiger, then the Philippines have the San Miguel Beer (yeah!). The San Miguel beer has persisted for more than 100 years now and still continues to be the strongest brand in the country. Apart from the Filipinos, San Miguel Beer is a brand loved by foreigners abroad. Include the country Germany, where beer is assumed to have emerged. Wow! Cheers to that! Good job San Miguel, keep it up!


3. The Piña Barong

The “barong” which is the Philippines National Formal attire for men may have an impact of Spanish colonization yet it is one of the most environmentally friendly formal wear everywhere in the world. It is made out of pineapple fiber; the “Barong” is produced from the by-product of pineapple farms in the Philippines. The intricate features on the Barong also display Filipinos’ passion for beauty.


4. The Celestina Clutch

A Celestina clutch is not merely a clutch bag. It is a masterpiece worked to perfection by the Filipino artists. Embellished with the best locally sourced ornaments like the capiz, mother of pearl, and the glass beads. The clutch has been one of the trademarks of the Filipino creativity and design.


5. The Bananas

This is not a surprise. Through the years, the country has become one of the best producers of bananas in countries like Japan, Korea and China and some other countries worldwide.

The Philippine bananas (country’s golden fruit) are exported to almost all countries in the world. How’s that?


Those are just five of the many products and stuff that we Filipinos should take pride of. Whooh! Hopefully, after reading this, you can proudly say, I AM PINOY, I AM WORLD-CLASS!