5 Tips In Choosing the Perfect Lampshade

Lampshades are an important opportunity to supplement to the decorating fantasy of your room through the shape, size and even the color or design of the shade.

So if you’re purchasing a new lampshade, make sure you’re taking the perfect one for the lamp and the room.


Here are some tips to consider:


The Room

Always find the color and style of the place the lamp will be placed and choose whether you desire it to stand out or just blend in with the room.


The Light

How light or dim do you want the lamp? Dark shades don’t typically allow light to trickle through while light shade does. If it’s a study lamp, you’ll want a relatively wide lampshade base so that you will get plenty of light.


The Bulb

You have to make sure that the shade is large enough to provide a 2″ to 3″ expanse within the shade and the bulb. Also, make sure that the height or the top of the shade is large enough that the heat can escape.


The Lamp Base

Choose if you want to highlight the base or the shade. If you think the base is already unique or bold use a further neutral lampshade while if the base is very simple, consider a shade with some decorative adornments or color.



This is the intricate part. Other lamps call for shades of odd proportions, but there are some standard rules that you can follow.

  • The bottom part of the shade should only cover the switch of the lamp so be sure to measure the harp before purchasing. The harp will show you the height from the lamp base of the socket to the top part of the shade.
  • The length of the shade should be approximately ¾ the length of the base, and the bottom part of the shade should be wider than the widest section of the base.


There you go! Our simple tips in choosing the perfect lampshade for your room. However, keep in mind that you can make your own rules. Always have fun in the process and let your personality shine in your choices.