5 Smart Ways to Use Vases in the Kitchen

Vases are obviously for flowers but what if you have more vases than you realistically need in the house? Will you just keep them unused?


Vases are great pieces of decor that you can place everywhere in the house. In fact, even if you don’t put flowers on it, it can stand on its own as a decor especially those vases with bold colors and designs. However, if you still have many vases unused don’t keep them instead, place them in the kitchen.


There are many ways we can use vases aside from putting flowers in them. Here are our five smart ways you can use vase in the kitchen.


Use it for your utensils

Instead of seeing your utensils untidy, why not stack them neatly in a vase? If you just have a few utensils then choose a smaller vase and bigger vase if you have a lot. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to look at your utensils tidy and neat?


Use it as a fruit container

Some vases have wide opening and spacious inside. You can use these vases to store your fruits. Place your apples, oranges, and lemons inside and position it anywhere in the kitchen where they could be visible because surely with your fruits bright colors, they would look stunning in a vase.


Use it as a candle holder

Special dinners are made even more special and romantic if there are candles on the table. If you don’t have a candle holder, don’t fuss, use your vase. Your flower vase could be a great candle holder. Just remember to consider the size of your candle to the vase so that it fits perfectly. Use your creativity, and you shall have the best dinner with candle light.


Use it as a cake holder

Some vases are boxy in shape and have a broad and stable base. These vases could be used as a stand for your cake. Place your cake on wide and flat crystal plate and put it on top of your vase. Voila! What a great display it is.


Use it a pot for your herbs

Having fresh plants especially herbs inside the kitchen are just so refreshing to feel. Use your vase to plant your herbs on and surely they would look fabulous.


So, who said vases are just for flowers?