5 Smart Ways To Use Scarf this Summer

Some people think scarves are only meant for the cold season and that we have to keep them off when it’s summer time. But think twice! Scarves are actually great accents for summer. There is a stack of ideas on how to use scarf during summer time but here are just a few to start.


Beach Mat

If you love the beach, you should bring a scarf with you. If you a long and big scarf, that could be a great beach mat. Do you love to have tan skin? Lay down your scarf on the sand, put on your sunglasses, your sunblock and you’re ready for a tanning session.



Bikini Cover Up

There’s no fashionable way to use your scarf during summer than by converting it to a bikini cover up. Just tie it around your waist as a skirt or to your whole body like a dress. Either way, you will look gorgeous. Plus, it adds to that summer vibe while on the beach.



During summer, fashion also heats up. You will see many beautiful and stylish outfits everywhere you lay your eyes. Wearing a turban is another way to style up your outfit for summer. It is also hot when summer and the sun is at its peak, so you might want to protect yourself from it and still being fashionable.


Bag accent

Step up your summer game and show it in your bag. Tie a scarf around its handle or around the whole bag. This will surely make your bag look chic, fashionable and fun at the same time.


Wide-Brimmed Hat accent

A wide-brimmed hat is widely used by women when at the beach or generally when summer. Tie a scarf around your hat and step up its game. Surely, your hat will never look dull and boring anymore.