5 Reasons Why Women Love Clutch Bags

Clutch bags have probably ruled all women’s fashion. As what everyone thought that clutch bags are only for formal occasions, women actually use them for every occasion. Whether edgy, girly, chic or Boho, women love clutch bags.


Yes, we heard you! W-H-Y? While many love using this type of bag, many are questioning the functional aspect of using this bag crossing fashion and style. Let’s give that an end point then as we give you the five primary reasons why women love clutch bags.



Go out from the “forever trend.”

Shoulder bags, slings, tote and all different types of bag are “forever trend.” let’s all admit it, they are not going away. Plus, don’t you think it’s time for your neck, back, and shoulders a day off? Walking while carrying something is pretty uncomfortable. With clutch bag, you will not only give your time some rest, but you’ll also take a break from what is known as “forever trend” and be the trend N-O-W!


Embraces the uniqueness

For you to be a step higher than an ordinary woman, you have to embrace uniqueness and being different. That’s what clutch bag is about – unique and different! Adding this bag in your outfit strings everything to perfection.


Be more with less

Clutch bags represent being minimalist, and the reason is obvious. If you are the type of woman who carries too much stuff then, a clutch bag may not serve you well. Nonetheless, if you want to be more fashionable, then you better practice how to go with less.


Be a rebel

Go out of what you think is proper and or acceptable, go out of the box and shine by embracing what is modern and contemporary. Others may be afraid to try trends for some reasons that you don’t have too. Trends do not stay long so why not take the chance to try them before it all goes out of style. At least, you got to say; I tried that trend and be happy about it.


Always up for grab

What is really great about clutches is that you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning them because they are small like that. No many compartments to check into. Just brush it off a little, and they are up for a grab.


While women will always have a different reason for loving clutch bags, pretty convinced these five reasons we have here are already enough for you to start loving clutch bags too. So, go ahead and shop!