5 Breathtaking Philippine Hidden Paradise

Ever had the problem every vacation of where to go? Almost all of us are looking for a rare place to go that is peaceful, private, and relaxing. While Boracay, Puerto Galera, Pagudpud and others are a too mainstream, you may want to be somewhere you have never been before. Here is some of the hidden paradise of the Philippines you should discover.



Located in Tanay, Rizal, this is crowned as the cleanest inland body of water in the fourth region of the Philippines. Going here is a bit challenging and requires patience and endurance since it is composed of vast trekking trails of rocks. This is perfect for those who love outdoor adventures. Upon reaching the destination, giant boulders and the tranquil, cool river water greets you a real life.



Located in Quezon Province, this place boasts of gold and white beaches. It is a lesser-known island in the province, and backpackers call it a dessert paradise in the center of the ocean. This place offers two mesmerizing beaches: The Kanaway Beach on the east fronting the Pacific Ocean and the Salibungot Beach on the west fronting Lamon Bay. Feast your tummies with exotic seafood specialties of the Island where the World’s Most Delicious dishes are served.



Located in Antique, about 50 km west of Panay, this island is peaceful and unpopulated and is basically made of white sand. Named after its local dialect “elbow” due to its shape and known as the best kiteboarding spots in the Philippines, Seco Island will surely give you a blast.



Located in Romblon, Corcuera Island is a virgin island that is home to white sand beaches good enough to counterpart Boracay. Locals call it “Simara,” referring to its old name when it still belongs to a different town. Not just being a bare Island, other tourist attractions are also found here such as caves abundant in stalactites and stalagmites.



Located in Zambales, this place is perfect for those who are looking for an untouched and uninhabited cove near Manila. This is one of the three coves in the area, the other two namely the Anawangin and Capones.


Although these places are unknown, need not worry because these are surely safe even before advertisement. Nevertheless, we should still always be responsible for ourselves and be vigilant. Have you planned your trip yet? Come, unwind, and enjoy!