3 Simple Tips on How to Rock Your Summer Hat!

Summer is almost here, and we are excited about it, who aren’t? It’s the time to hit the beach, carry your favorite beach bag, wear your favorite sunglasses, and sip on a coconut for refreshments. And hey, let’s not forget about the perfect summer hat!


Aside from flaunting beach bodies, people in the beach especially ladies look for nice and beautiful summer outfit goals too that they can get inspiration from. Of course what accessories go perfectly with an outfit on the beach but a hat!


Yes, a summer hat is indeed the fashion piece we should have all master when dressing for the beach. How do we do that? We have three simple tips to do just that!
Tip #1 Mix and Match it!

If you want to be safe, wearing a hat with the same color of your outfit will just do that! As most of us don’t have the lavish of time, money and in particular space in our closet for a heap of different hats to go with every outfit we have, the trick there is to simply buy a hat with a color that you often wear with your outfit.


Tip #2 Go bold!

Hats are a great piece to take your outfit to a different level. If you love wearing outfits with neutral colors or may be straightforward outfits just like ripped jeans and a white shirt, then choose those hats that are bold and or edgy in style. For the white shirt, colorful and bright hats are perfect!


Tip #3 Make it Fun!

Summer is all about having fun, hitting the beach and everything bright and sunny; so that should show in your hat and on your outfit. Do not be scared to try on with different colors, hat styles, and outfits. Do not stick to what is good when you can be cool and better with your style.


So, that’s it. Have fun and say, hello, summer!