3 DIY Decor You Can Make for Your Bedroom

We sure all want to look beautiful, and so we dress up and put on our makeup. Likewise, our bedroom should show that pretty-ness we put on ourselves, and so we put decor to our room to make them look great. However, decors could be so expensive out there, but why would we spend so much for stuff we can do ourselves. Yes, I am talking about DIYs or Do-it-yourself crafts. We can pretty much make DIYs on almost everything.


Here are our top 3 DIYs decors you can make for your room:


your Bedroom

1. Embellish your mirror

Your mirror is part of your daily routine as you put on makeup every single day for work, school or parties and so it should be beautiful to look at. For sure, you can buy mirrors that are already embellished but would be nicer if you personalize yours? Whether your mirror is rounded or boxed, you can personalize it by placing flowers around it; you can also put pictures or shells since its summer time.


2. DIY your lampshade

A lampshade is another great piece that lights up and accessorizes a room. Make your lampshade stand out even more by personalizing or DIY-ing it. Just make sure to choose the materials or colors that show your personality and would blend into your room.


your Bedrooms

3. Dreamcatchers

In YouTube, if you search for DIY videos you will see a lot of dreamcatcher DIY tutorials. Mainly because it is one of the top room decors that everyone wants to have or has. Also, making your own dreamcatcher would make it more unique and meaningful. You can be as creative as you can and add anything you want to add to your dreamcatcher.


There are endless ideas that you can do to your room to make it pretty. Just let your imagination and creativity rule you or directly go to YouTube to help you.