10 Thousand Roses Café: A Taste from the Queen City of the South

Do you envy and at the same time adore those you see in movies where they would have a good time with a garden of roses? Only in the Queen City of the South is a paradise – like garden with all blooming 10, 000 White Roses! Cebu is treasure with unlimited offers of beautiful beaches, rivers, waterfalls, and even wonderful restaurants. But in all of a sudden, a new tourist attraction pops out of nowhere that interests almost everyone in the country. With the creativity of a Filipino mind, people have been so mesmerized by this idea of bringing people one step closer to the idea that life is a blooming garden. This is named 10, 000 Roses Café.


This attraction in Cebu may just be a simple garden filled with roses yet, when look at the bigger picture, you’ll realize that it is far from the ordinary. It is stunningly filed with 10,000 well taken care white roses which attract everyone for the unique setting they offer.


The café is located at Barangay Day-as in Cordova Municipality, just next to the famous floating restaurant. An entrance fee is collected upon visiting the area, which serves as an environment fee used for maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the area. Perfect for date nights with your significant other or just a simple gathering with your friends and family, here are some things you need to know about the 10, 000 Roses Café.

If you haven’t been in the café, the place is a small concrete structure sited at the end of Cordova Tourism Center. It is a two – storey Café with an air-conditioned area as well as a huge space that could accommodate many diners and guests. It is designed to be modern and industrial, with a roof deck that endows a breath-taking ocean view, mangrove forest and the skyline of Metro Cebu. Most of the guests enjoy the view of Metro Cebu since it is located in a place where there is an unobstructed view. As the day turns into night, the skyline starts to illuminate and sparkle, leaving everyone in a jaw – dropping moment. Late afternoons and early evenings are the best time to go to the café. The cool and relaxing breeze from the ocean releases all the stresses of the day. Who says unwinding can only be ideal in the beach?